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Product information:

The VGA connector is an analog image transmission standard for cable and connector connections between display devices and graphics cards. VGA is English and the abbreviation for Video Graphics Array. The connection was introduced by IBM in 1987 and it followed the EGA connection. The analog VGA signal was generated by the RAMDAC of a graphics card. With current display technologies such as TFT displays, the conversion of the digital image from a graphics card to the analog signal is no longer necessary, because the digital signal is needed in the display device anyway. VGA has thus been replaced by digital connection types such as Display Port, HDMI or DVI, which avoid conversion losses and operate on the purely digital level. There are related standards for the analog transmission of PAL and NTSC signals and so, for example, F-BAS, S-Video and RGB.

Find out whether your computer (PC, notebook, docking station) and your monitor have a DisplayPort or DVI connection. If so, the use of such a digital cable is recommended.

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These are VGA cables from different manufacturers. There is no claim to a specific model.


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