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Advanced-Garantie für LCD-Monitore – 1 Jahr Bring-In “JEScare”




CHF29.00 ink. MwSt


JEScare ! – Extension to a full year warranty for refurbished LCD monitors


Warranty information:

All refurbished LCD monitors from Jes Computers’ product line come with a basic 3-month warranty. In order to offer the full and legally required one year warranty on refurbished equipment, the prices of all our items would have to be adjusted upwards accordingly. However, we would like to leave it up to our customers to decide whether they would like to purchase our products as cheaply as possible, but only with a 3-month basic warranty, or whether they would like to benefit from the warranty claim for a full year, but are prepared to pay a corresponding surcharge. For this reason we offer a warranty extension on an optional basis.

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With the purchase of a JEScare warranty extension, you acquire a full year warranty on the LCD monitor ordered in the same order. You are only entitled to a warranty extension if it is ordered together with the LCD monitor to be insured. However, the warranty period begins on the invoice date.





Prio 1:  Your LCD monitor will be repaired and cleaned by our technicians
Prio 2:  Your LCD monitor will be replaced by an identical unit
Prio 3:  You will receive a value voucher for the full chew amount of the defective LCD monitor to purchase a replacement unit through our online store




Warranty exclusion:

Defects caused by improper handling (display breakage, housing breakage, broken connection contacts, etc.) are excluded from the warranty.

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