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Everything from a single source! Our all-round carefree packages for startups


Every startup needs a good idea, good employees and, above all, the right IT. They have to focus on a wide variety of things, and in the process, the one but crucial foundation for a successful company, the IT infrastructure, usually falls by the wayside.

For some founders, a well-functioning IT may not seem necessary in the current situation. Nevertheless, take advantage of this unique opportunity and start building up your IT early on. Because with a good infrastructure, your company can grow in the coming years and establish itself sustainably.

The approach of building an IT environment on your own is probably only an option for founders who have experience with servers, networks and managing IT systems.

However, given the limited resources of young companies, IT must not cost too much on the one hand, and on the other hand it must be flexible enough to leave room for adjustments to the business model and to be able to grow.

With our refurbished second-hand equipment from the corporate environment as well as our JEScomplete packages, we offer you a basis that is as cost-effective as it is sustainable, and we support you during office hours with our basic or remote support. This allows you to focus completely on your business idea.

Our four JEScomplete packages are aimed at startups but also at any other SME business that does not want to spend its own resources on the operation of its IT infrastructure.